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Céline Guindon, psychologist

Céline Guindon



Doctoral degree in Psychology

Bachelor’s degree in psychology


Individual psychotherapy

Parental coaching




Céline completed her doctoral degree in 2020. Her research focuses on the creative experience of Slam poetry with young street gang members in rehabilitation at the Montreal Youth Centre. Her work experience is diverse, and she works with adults with anxiety, depressive symptoms, eating disorders or relationship difficulties. Céline takes an integrative approach combining cognitive behavioural and humanistic therapy according to the needs of the clients. She completed her first internship at UQAM under the humanistic approach of self psychology and she was trained in cognitive and behavioral approach during her two internships. She benefited from the expertise of the Douglas Institute and McGill University in the Department of Eating Disorders for her third internship. During her studies and internships, Céline continued her work in a part-time private clinic at Clinique Laval and Clinique Change in Montreal where she was able to improve her knowledge and experience in eating disorder intervention. She also has 11 years of experience as a counsellor in the family assistance program at Maison Jean Lapointe, in order to help relatives living the consequences of another person's addiction. Céline carries out her work in a warm, respectful and interactive way and ensures that she maintains a relationship of trust throughout her intervention.

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